Why You should Always Wear a Satin Bonnet to Bed

Why You should Always Wear a Satin Bonnet to Bed

There are many benefits that come with protecting your hair at night using a sating or silk bonnet. Satin is not a fiber like silk, it's actually a weave. A weave is a particular style or manner in how something is woven together, whereas a fiber is the actual material that is being used in the weave. Since satin is a weave and not a fabric, there are many different types. They can differ based on the texture of the material used and any variations in the weave pattern. When it comes to SHOPHAIRBASICS products, our sewers use a high quality charmeuse satin on all our products

Healthier Hair

Satin and silk satin have the ability to repel moisture, unlike cotton which extracts and absorbs moisture from hair and skin, resulting in less friction which helps to reduce unnecessary split ends and hair breakage. 

Less Time Styling your Hair in the Morning

Who doesn’t want to cut down on the time they have to spend on their hair in the morning before rushing out the door? Satin and silk help to preserve your hairstyle and protect your hair. Wake up, do a quick comb-through, and you're out the door. 

Maintains your Hair’s Beauty

Not only do satin and silk eliminate tangles and split ends, they also help preserve curls, waves, and other natural features of your hair – all while eliminating frizz.

Satin VS. Cotton

Unlike cotton, satin retains moisture and keeps your hair moisturized from ends to root. It prevents frizz by keeping your cuticles protected. It reduces breakage by eliminating friction during sleep. Satin reduces hair loss because its smooth texture promotes an ideal environment for hair growth. You are better sleeping on satin pillows or covering your hair with sating over cotton, because its soft nature allows your face to glide easily eliminating sleep lines.

These are only some of the benefits of using satin to protect your hair at night or using a satin pillow case at night. Elevate your beauty regimen by adding satin to your routine. This simple step will save you time and money in the long run. 



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